Commencement of Massacre’s Wall Project after Storm Ophelia

Massacre: commencement of the “wall project”

Without much warning, heavy rainfall, lightning and thunderstorms began on Tuesday 27th September at about 11:00pm and continued all through Wednesday 28th September.

The coast of Dominica was the most severely affected by the activities of the storm. The areas of Canefield, Massacre, Mahaut, Campbell, Layou, St.Joseph, and Coulibistrie suffered the most.

A resident in massacre stated that this was indeed an extraordinary storm, possibly the worst that he had seen.

Massacre Residents’ minds can now be at ease since the commencement of the wall project.

Contractors are working anxiously from 8:00am to sometimes 9:30 pm.

Massacre: commencement of the “wall project”

The men are spilt into two teams. The first team works at the top where the flashflood occurred, and the other team works at the end where they move upwards towards the first team.

Residents say that they are relieved and their minds can now be at ease even throughout the rainy season, because there is a wall to protect them from flashfloods.

An effort was made to contact the main contractor, however it was not successful.

Massacre: commencement of the “wall project”

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