Companies within the construction sector express concern DOWASCO’s tendering process


Three separate companies within the construction sector, STEWCO Construction Company, Edghill Fortune Associates Ltd and Ace Engineering Limited is expressing concern about the manner in which the tender process for the construction of a water tank and ancillary works at Morne Bruce is being managed by Dowasco and the impact that it is having on the construction sector.


As has been broadcasted in the media, DOWASCO is currently in the process of undertaking several projects, one of which is the construction of a 500,000 gallon water tank and associated pipelines and ancillary works, in Morne Bruce.


But unfortunately there seems to be controversy surrounding the project, as the three companies convened a press conference at the Public Service Union Building on Valley Road Roseau, this morning to express their disappointment in the seemingly and sudden change of will in the procurement of the project.


Managing Director of STEWCO Construction Company Stewart Paris said that the fact that DOWASCO is a public sector entity that is fully owned by the government of Dominica and the fact that it is supported and financed by the public both as rate and taxpayers, all major procurement conducted by company should be done under the principles of good public procurement policies.


Meanwhile, Managing Director of Edghill Fortune Associates Christopher Sorhaindo said that they would like to make it clear that they do not oppose the construction of this tank, since they are happy to see continuous investment in Dominica’s water system.


However, he is hoping that DOWASCO’s engineers and consultants have reviewed the site conditions, since according to him there is an inherent risk to life and property by locating such a large storage tank near the edge of a cliff and within close proximity to an urban population.


Mr. Sorhaindo is also hoping that DOWASCO is aware of the utmost importance engaging strict quality control and environmental safety measures.


He said that it is not his intention to scare the public but he believes that it is his responsibility as professional to educate the general public on the importance of ensuring that high work quality is sought after and ensured, particularly when civil structures pose a risk to human life.


He said that the laws should be upgraded to that of most developed countries where contractors for civil and building works are grouped in accordance with their experience, capacity and qualification especially where civil works construction may pose a risk to human life or the environment.


Therefore, Mr. Sorhaindo has joined the others in calling on DOWASCO and the government to open up the tender process to allow all qualified and capable contractors to bid for this major project, for the sake of the health and safety of the citizens of Dominica.

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