Concerns of Illegal Adoption in the Kalinago Territory


Mr. Francis Joseph, Social Worker

Mr. Francis Joseph, a Social Worker has voiced concerns of the illegal adoption that is transpiring in the Carib Territory.

Mr. Joseph said the issue of illegal adoption arose after a one day workshop where concerns of the Kalinago people were raised and addressed.

He said through the program, the klainago’s were reminded of the formal way to do adoptions.

Mr. Joseph highlighted, the Welfare Division has been continuing to curb the number of illegal adoptions taking place and so far a lot of adoptions have been done the legal way.

Due to illegal adoptions many children are not established into the system after migration.

Mr. Francis is concerned that when the children get to adult age in the French countries, they do not get job opportunities for lack of legal documents.

He believes other social issues affect the children after they are taken from their parents and brought to the French countries.

Ongoing inquiries have occurred and a consultant was sent to the French islands to see what the statuses with the illegally adopted children were.

Mr. Joseph said that poverty is one of the reasons for the illegal adoption taking place in the Carib Territory.

The interest of the children and mainly the young women should be of concern; he hopes that it does not lead to a level of human trafficking which could become an even bigger concern.

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