Construction for New Grotto Home Facing Financial Trouble

Construction of new location

Construction of new location

The construction of the new Grotto Home for the Homeless deadline seems to be moving further and further away, as its construction is again facing financial difficulties.

This is according to Public Relations Officer of the Grotto Home for the Homeless, Parry Bellot, who added that contributions from the business community and donors have declined.

Currently only 50 individuals live at the old location. The new location at Bellevue Rawle in Stockfarm will house 100 persons.

Bellot noted, at one point the project was so severely cash strapped that they could not afford to continue the employment of a security officer to protect material stored at the work site, however, following a number of burglaries that decision had to be reversed.

The amount in food donations has also been affected.

Bellot is appealing to the business community to help out in that aspect.

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