Construction of Grand Bay’s Bayfront Commences

vlcsnap-2013-09-25-12h06m32s65Jeno Jacob, Coordinator of the Gwan Rivere Restoration Project, in an interview with SAT  News, has stated that the Gwan Rivere Restoration Committee, consisting of individuals in the Grand Bay community, has begun phase one of the Grand Bay Bayfront project.

Phase one was inclusive of; cleaning up of the Bayside in the Gwan Rivere area and the pruning of trees and plants.

This zone will be transformed into a bar setting arena for locals and visitors.

Apart from the bar setting, Mr. Jacob said there will also be a bio park, where individuals can partake in our traditional dances. He believes that it is an important project for Grand Bay, because it will present the community as a premiere for eco-tourism development.

He said, that the project is well timed with Grand Bay’s Reunion 2014, and by July of next year, the bio park will officially open.

Out of the 7 components of the project, the chief one is, “the breaking of Zaman”.

vlcsnap-2013-09-25-12h05m24s165The overall outcome of the project, is expected to consist of an office area with toilet facilities, wireless internet at the Bayfront, hammocks hung on prune trees and cultural activities.

Grand Bay is the headquarters for culture in Dominica he said, and as a result, a local security firm will be assisting with the Bayfront once completed, to secure the site as well as the people.





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