Construction on Penville – Vieille Case Road to Begin


Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit

“Residents have been waiting a long time for this development.”

These were the words of Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit, on July 11th, at the signing ceremony for the $4.9 million rehabilitation project for the Penville-Vieille Case road.

Mr. Skerrit said the deplorable conditions of the road impeded the movement of vehicles into the communities; sick villagers had to walk to the health center to meet the ambulance.

Minster for Public Works Energy and Ports Mr. Rayburn Blackmoore, said the Penville to Ville Case road will include all the necessary safety measures.

Proper concrete bricks will also be put in place, to help safeguard the integrity of the road, whilst creating a longer life span for the structure.

According to Chief Technical Officer in the Ministry of Public Works, Kendell Johnson, the rehabilitation of the road comes at an opportune time.

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