Consultation on Crime and Violence

These were the words of bishop of Roseau, mr. Gabriel malzaire who has organized a consultation on crime and violence scheduled for October 20th.


Mr. Malzaire explained that, in comparison to other countries or other parts of the world, instances of crime and violence in Dominica is not high, but any incident or crime and violence in our lovely country Dominica is one too many.


The objective of the consultation was explained by mr. Malzaire.


A special invitation was sent out to all pastors and priests of the catholic church and the pastors of the evangelical association and christian council to come together to reflect on the issue.


Pentecostal pastor, marcus francis explained the plans of the meeting.


Mr. Francis stated, it is important that we as a nation come together to, fight against all instances of crime and violence to ensure our safety and security.


The crime and violence consultation will be held at the pastoral centre at morne bruce from 9:00am to 1:00pm

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