Continuing Troubles for Drivers of the Mahaut Bus Line

Police offers on site

Police officers on scene of Mahaut Bus Stop

Chaos erupted on the Mahaut bus stop at about 10:30 am on Thursday June 27th, as some bus drivers took matters into their own hands and blocked the road.

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Mahaut bus driver Mr. Isaiah Joseph stated, enough is enough and the way some bus drivers are taking advantage of the others is inexcusable and needs to stop.

Mr. Joseph stated, most bus drivers are following the rules by waiting in line for passengers, while others are using the right away method, and taking all the passengers they have waiting on their buses.

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Mr. Joseph explained the bus drivers brought many ideas to the relevant authorities on ways this confusion can be resolved however their efforts have been falling on death ears.

Acting President of the Mahaut Bus Drivers Association, Mr. Julian Laville explained they have been suffering with this issue since June 1st 2012 when the bus stop was relocated, and the authorities are dormant in taking solid steps to address their concerns.

Mr. Laville added if the relevant authorities cannot organize the bus stop in a way all bus drivers can benefit, a suggestion is simply to put it the way it originally was where drivers can drop off passengers anywhere in Roseau.

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“The bus stop has to accommodate bus drivers who run the Mahaut, Goodwill, St. Joseph and Fond Cole, where the Mahaut line alone has up to 100 buses running the route which is already too much.”

“We have guys who are not willing to follow the line, but they will come and disrupt the line, yet still we remain peaceful in our actions,” Mr. Laville added.

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However Mr. Patrickson Albert, Assistant Superintendent of Police in charge of the Traffic Department stated, based on what he observed there are too many buses operating the Mahaut route, where some do not follow the rules of waiting in line which is the cause of the problem.

He said one of the things that need to be done is legislating against too many buses operating for one area.






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