Contractors and artisans introduced to a Computerized Job Estimation Tool

Close to forty small contractors and artisans skills will be sharpened in preparing contract estimates, following a four-day workshop on Computerized Job Estimation Tools (CJET), which got underway at the Garraway Hotel on April 19th, 2011.


The workshop is being organized by the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) in collaboration with the government of Dominica through the Canadian International Development Agency.


During the four day workshop, the participants will be introduced to a simple, effective Computerized Job Estimation Tools (CJET), which allows the user to calculate the finite cost of a construction project.


Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Social Services, Community Development and Gender affairs, Mrs. Esther Thomas believes that this workshop will be of great benefit to contractors, especially during the tendering process.


Representative for the Caribbean Development Bank, Mr. Yearwood says a series of similar workshops are being conducted in seven of CDB’s-borrowing member states.


According to Mr. Yearwood, the ultimate goal of these workshops is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the BNTF programme by focusing on capacity building in the industry sector.


Keynote speaker at the workshop, quantity surveyor, Mr Claxton Joseph says this workshop will address one of the greatest challenges faced by the Ministry of Public Works, Energy and Ports, which is the contrast between the estimates and the actual construction cost.


Topics to be covered during the four-day workshop include environment and job site, introduction to management concepts, hands on application of CJET and preparation of bids.

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