Convent high school handing over of chairs

The convent high school, the oldest school at the age of 154, was the recipients of a donation of 100 chairs by past students of the school.


The Dominica Convent high school alumni of Ontario, is a group of past convent girls who networked together with the common background of the academic institution and formed the group.


The members of the alumni association range in age with alumni from as far back as the class of 74’.


Netty Charles Owen the assistant treasurer says that the group is constantly growing in numbers and supporters as fund raisers and its annual summer splash that is growing in popularity.


These fund raisers fund donations and support for both the convent high school and the convent prep.


In addition, the group keeps the convent high school traditions alive as they have a glee club that performs songs that they learn there.


The group is made up of 33 women currently and hopes to establish a mentorship program for selected students of the convent high school.


The convent high school alumni, reminiscence on school days gone by as well as meeting with past principal of the convent high school, sister Hilda.

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