Convent High School under fifteen netball tournament

An opening ceremony was held for the Convent High School’s under-15 netball tournament on Monday 10th of October at the school’s auditorium.

There were seven different games and the participating teams were the St. Martin secondary school with one netball team, Wesley High School with two teams, Dominica Grammar School with two teams, and convent high school with three teams.


The Convent High School won six out of the seven games and team number three was the best overall team.


Parliamentary representative for the Grandbay constituency Honorable Justina Charles encouraged the young ladies to pursue netball as obesity is one of the leading causes of chronic and communicable diseases such as hypertension and diabetes.


Parents were asked not to think of sports as a distraction and prevent their children from participating in it but to realize the benefits of discipline, time management, an ability to display talents and acquire leadership skills and a sports scholarship.


She then addressed the netballers to take as much time as possible to focus on their academic activities.


Honourable Justina Charles started off as a player for the first game of the ball-o-rama

The tournament was first started last year by Mrs. Julia Johnson to improve netball in Roseau and the environs and to use as the SBA component for the Caribbean secondary examinations council (CSEC) examinations.


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