Convent Prep fundraising car wash

With the completion of the Grade Six National Assessment, students of the Convent Preparatory School had some fun while raising funds in the form of a car wash, for trips they plan to go on.


Principal of the Convent Preparatory School, Ms. Adelina Detouche who was also helping the students, says the students have worked hard preparing for the exams, so now is time for them to enjoy themselves.


Ms. Detouche says that after the exams, the students always participate in all activities that will enhance their development, both socially and spiritually amongst others.


The car wash was selected to raise funds by the students themselves, which they saw as a fun activity.


Ms. Detouche pointed out that it shows unity among the students, and the parents also participated in the car wash as all brought their vehicles to have them washed, which was an encouragement for the students.


She also highlighted that the students normally do very well in the grade six national assessment, so this year she is expecting excellent results as in previous years.


Ms. Detouche said that the students are very optimistic on their performance for the grade six national assessment, as they have worked very hard to prepare.


The Head Boy of the Convent Preparatory School, Mr. Turrell Christmas says he is feeling good after sitting the grade six national assessment.


Mr. Turrell said that he was relaxed during the exams, since he was prepared for them and he always says a prayer before each exam.


He is urging all students to say a prayer before doing any exams, since God in their lives is very important.


Head Girl Ms. Brittney Blanchard says although she was nervous doing the exams, when she got into it she calmed down herself and did what she had to do.


Ms. Blanchard also had a message to other youth.

A total of 42 students from the Convent Preparatory School sat the Grade Six National Assessment.

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