Convent Preparatory Boys Week March

President of Caribbean Male Action Network (CARIMAN), Mr. Thomas Holmes

The students made their voices be heard as they made a round Roseau marching which caught the attention of a number of onlookers.

President of Caribbean Male Action Network (CARIMAN), Mr. Thomas Holmes pointed out that, this march was part of International Men’s Day which was observed on Monday November 19th.

He said this is a day set aside for men to reflect on how important they are in society, and their contribution to end gender based violence.

International Men’s Day was also for men to get the time to reflect on their own self confidence.

Mr. Holmes said they had discussions with the boys which was excellent as they shared information with the men.

The Welfare Division engaged students from the schools in Wesley and environs where they all participated in a rally for the celebration of Universal Children’s Day.

Mr. Holmes pointed out the march was also to end all forms of violence such as; violence against women and children, violence amongst men and boys, while also emphasizing ways to eradicate bullying in our schools.

The President of CARIMAN highlighted that the organization will be working with the ministry of education and the schools, families and communities to end bullying in our schools, homes and communities.

Mr. Holmes added this march was a great showing on young boys to recognize their importance in society.

Boys from the Convent Preparatory School

Sports Teacher of the Convent Preparatory School and Public Relations Officer of CARIMAN, Mr. Garvin Detouche says, the school had a week of activities to show the boys how important they are, and the rally was in line with the boys’ week celebration.

He said the school had a movie day where the boys watched “Courageous,” with their fathers, while another day their dads came to school dressed for work, and had discussions about their jobs with the boys.

Mr. Detouche stated this march was important as they young boys are the future of tomorrow and will grow into men, so now is the time to make them feel a sense of belonging.

He added since we need to set the right example for the youth, we have to make them fell special and loved.

The young boys were very excited as they marched through Roseau with their posters, some of which read, “Boys Today, Men Tomorrow,” “Try Us You Will Like Us,” “We Are Wonderful, and “Take Care Of Us,” amongst others.



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