Convent Preparatory health walk

It was all health and wellness in mind, as the grade 6 students of the Convent Preparatory School went on a walk from Roseau to Champagne on Thursday June 21st.

Head Boy of the Convent Preparatory School, Mr. Turrell Christmas says seeing that he is overweight for his age, this was a good initiative for him to get involved in.

This was organized to keep the students active, following the Grade Six National Assessment Exams, and also as a fund raising drive for events they will embark on, as they have completed their exams and have a lot of leisure time.

The Head Boy said in these modern times where many young people are overweight, such a walk will be very beneficial to all participants.
He went on to send a message to all students who sat the Grade Six National Assessment Exams.

Head Girl of the Convent Preparatory School, Ms. Brittney Blanchard says since every year they go on a belle marche after their exams, they decided to take on this walk.

She added that everyone feels great and they were all prepared for this walk in advance.

Ms. Blanchard estimates that over 40 students are taking part in this walk.

Upon arriving at Champagne the students took a rest and had some time to socialize with each other before heading back to Roseau.

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