Convent Preparatory School Celebrates Flag Day in a Big Way

Calypsonian Hunter Singing “One Flag, One Nation.”

As part of activities leading up to Dominica’s 34th Independence celebrations, Dominica observed Flag Day on Wednesday October 31st.

The purpose of Flag Day is to bring about a greater appreciation for the country’s national identity.

Flag Day was instituted some years ago by the Cultural Division as part of Independence Celebrations, as a way for the population to display and give recognition to the flag.

This is done in an effort especially during the Independence season, to get people to appreciate the flag and understand what the various components of the flag are.

The staff and students of the Convent Preparatory School certainly did not forget about this special day in Dominica, as the school had a special assembly where the students were educated on each part of the flag.

Teacher at the Convent Prep Ms. Amanda  DeJean said they also had a power point presentation to the upper grade students, so they would have a better understanding on the history of the flag and what it means.

Teacher at the Convent Prep, Ms. Amanda DeJean

She said seeing that Flag Day is not such a big celebration like it has been in previous years, what needs to be done is more publicizing of the event.

With that she says, people will know exactly the day for the event and will be prepared accordingly.

Ms. DeJean said it is important that we start training the children of the future, so they are ready for the task of passing on information learnt to others.

She pointed out that the students were all excited to be a part of the Flag Day celebrations, and volunteered in large numbers to help organize it.

The teacher added that the school will keep celebrating Flag Day as an annual event and hopes the participation will keep growing.

Students With Their Dominica Flag

Dominica’s flag was legally established by Act No. 18 of 1978 of The National Emblems of Dominica Act which was signed by the then Governor, Sir Louis Cools-Lartigue on October 31, 1978.

It was Gazetted on November 1, 1978 and became effective on November 3, that same year.

Dominica’s flag has a green background representing the forested island, a cross, made up of three bands representing “the Trinity of God” is white, black and yellow in colour, and the cross itself “demonstrates belief in God”.

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