Cooperative division drama finals ceremony

January has been named junior cooperative month and the cooperative division held a drama competition for primary schools in recognition of this event.


Six schools from around the Island who were winners of the semi final competitions held on january 27th and competed against each other on february 13th.


Mrs. Shilingford told the students that she is certain that their participation in the drama competition was a constructive use of their time and aided in nurturing their talent.


The will strattmore stevens primary school is the winner of the cooperative division drama competition in the primary schools.


Second place went to the convent prep and third place went to the salisbury primary school.


Other finalists were massacre primary school, wesley primary school and woodfordhill primary school.


The award for best actress went to bree-ay evans of the convent prep and the best actor was awarded to orell pierre.


Mrs gloria shillingford, the minister of social services, community development and gender affairs encouraged the students should participate in other cooperative activities held in their communities.


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