Cooperative Division Hosts Calypso Competition

Registrar of Cooperative Division, Ms. Mariet Canoville

Dominica Cooperative Movement in collaboration with Dominica Calypso Association presents Cooperative Calypso Competition carded for Saturday, December 1st.

Some of the participants include Lord Karessa, Checko, Beno, Sye, and Leona.

Guest Performances from King Dice, Sugar Fire Band, Paix Bouche Drummers, Asher Thomas and Rennick Toussaint are expected.

Ms. Canoville informed us that the idea came from one of their employees, Mr. Toussaint.

She says he sang calypso in the past, and he decided to include a calypso competition in their week of activities.

Ms. Canoville added that they are trying to attract new people into the movement seeing that often times societies struggle to get volunteers.

King Dice

She believes that this event will definitely get the public’s interest.

Ms. Canoville gave a specific reason as to why she believes people should attend this Calypso Competition;

The show will take place at Harlem Plaza in Newton and the calypsonians will be backed up by the Swinging Stars Band.

Tickets can be purchased at Jay’s Book Store, Bulls Eyes Pharmacy and also at the Cooperative Division.

Tickets cost $25, $30 at the gate and $50 for V.I.P.




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