Cooperative Societies League Awards 2 Scholarships for 2013


Makala Bedneau, holder of the “Geoffrey Robinson Scholarship”

For decades the Cooperative Societies League has been awarding scholarships, initially to students based on merit and later ventured into providing scholarships based on need.

The League continues to place great emphasis in the education sector and on Wednesday August 14th, awarded two students with scholarships for the year 2013.

This year Makala Bedneau of the Salisbury Primary School, who placed fifth in the grade Six National Assessment, is the holder of the “Geoffrey Robinson Scholarship” based on merit.

Amy Philbert is the second recipient of the “Sister Alicia Scholarship” 2013 based on need.

Mr. Dexter Ducreay, President of the League, said one of the traditions of the league is giving scholarships.

Over the last four years the league has set the spending excess of $60,000.00 on scholarship expenses.

Mr. Ducreay congratulated the recipients of the scholarships and urged them to make their parents proud.


Ammie Philbert, second recipient of the “Sister Alicia Scholarship” 2013

He encouraged them to cease the opportunity to learn, so in future they will be able to provide for their families and demand their rightful place, in developing Dominica.

Both awardees will be attending the Convent High School in September.

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