Copthall Resident Seriously Affected by Landslide


Mrs. Celia Allen

A resident who has lived in the Copthall area for over 23 years is now threatened by the reality of losing her home as well as her property.

Mrs. Celia Allen, wife to Mr. Martin Allen described the landslide which occurred right in her back yard, as threatening.

The next morning when she woke up and noticed the majority of her plants had gone down in the landslide.

She said that the slide was so massive that it caused the river to divert into other pieces of land, creating a massive pool which she described as a dam.

The Allen’s has lost about a quarter acre of land to the landslide and it continues to erode.

However Mrs. Allen is still hopeful that the erosion will settle and is depending on the authorities to take the necessary measures. 


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