Cotton Hill Land to be Allocated by Year End


Reginald Austrie, Minister for Housing

Reginald Austrie, Minister for Housing, has revealed that the housing lots in Cotton Hill Portsmouth will be made available to applicants by the end of this year.

The   requirement for additional housing lots in Lagoon particularly, was needed, as some residents occupy lands near the sea and as a result have suffered damage to their properties.

Mr. Austrie said in 2009 a subdivision plan was developed for a certain section of Cotton Hill.

According to the Minister of Housing, the Government began negotiating with the private land owners about three years ago, for the purchase of eighteen acres of land, which was more suitable for low and middle income housing.

He explained and I quote: “Government has in fact acquired and began paying for the eighteen acres of land on which we intend to settle the people, who intend to apply for land in recent times”.

Mr. Austrie indicated that about one hundred lots have been subdivided by the Ministry and they are in the process of ensuring that the square footage of  land is accurate.

There was an assurance from Mr. Austrie that before the end of 2013, land would be allocated and made available to the persons who have applied for land in that area.

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