Court Grants Order to Cease Over $47,000.EC

court3.jpgThe Magistrates Court has granted an order, to allow law enforcement officers, to cease $13, 760 Euros from two Venezuelan nationals.

This is the first civil cash recovery under the proceeds of the Crime Amendment Act 7 of 2013.

The Act allows customs and police Officers, the authority to detain assets which they believe are from proceeds of crime.

Reports are that, Jenny Del Valle Roderiguez and Edgar Fabien Ferrano Ocaris, were apprehended with the money, upon departure at the Melville Hall airport, on September 4th 2013.

Officers of the Financial Intelligence Unit made an application for forfeiture at the Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday September 18th, which was later granted.

Mr. Rodriguez and Mr. Ocaris have 30 days to appeal the decision of the magistrate; however, if they fail to appeal, the money will be transferred to the asset for forfeiture fund.

The asset in the forfeiture fund, is used to assist law enforcement for rehabilitation purposes, as well as to pay law enforcement agencies abroad, with the inclusion of Dominica.

Ten percent of the said amount will go to the consolidated fund.

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