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One young man will learn to respect other people’s property after a brush with the law, where he was charged with inteferring with a motor vehicle.


According to the facts of the case, read by police prosecutor, inspector claude weekes, on February 3rd, 22 year old Kester Regis entered a bus registration number he 212 at 3:45am, who was spotted by someone who then alerted the owner.


When the owner confronted Mr. Regis about the incident which he denied, so a report was made to the police.


When questioned about the incident by the arresting officer, Mr. Regis said he did not take money from the bus.


When further questioned the defendant revealed that, he wanted money to buy bakes from a lady selling snacks, and he saw a side window on the bus open, in which he saw some loose change but it wasn’t enough so he left it.


Magistrate evalina baptiste told Mr. Regis at 22 he should not be sitting around lazy, and when someone wants money they go to work for it.


The magistrate further advised the defendant that if he continues on the path he is on he will end up in prison.


In mitigation, Mr. Regis said he is sorry he entered the bus, and will not ever do it again.

He was fined $600, to be paid by June 30th, or in default spend 3 months in prison.

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