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A Grand Bay man can consider himself lucky, as he was let off with only a reprimand, after he pled guilty to pulling the plug, on a sound system while his parliamentary representative, was presenting a public address over the weekend.


43 year old Augustus Liverpool, pled guilty to two counts of obstruction, whereby he prevented the transactions, of a public meeting by disconnecting a wire, leading to the system on which minister justina Charles, was speaking during the opening of grand bay’s carnival, on February 5th,2012.


According to the details of the case, presented by police prosecutor Michael Laudat, Mr.Liverpool was apprehended by officers, who had been on duty at the event.


The defendant was dressed in sensay costume with no mask on, and was shouting profanities, after disconnecting the system.


When questioned about the incident by the arresting officer, the defendant said and i quote, “officer, i know i was wrong, but Pacquette was supposed to give us water, but he didn’t give us water” end quote.


He went on to say, he didn’t see Ms. Charles speaking, who is his first cousin.


Mr. Liverpool also said, he know what he did was wrong, but that is not the way for organizers to treat them.


Attorney at law Ronald Charles, said that his client was actually a good Samaritan, who ended up being seen in a bad light.


Mr. Charles said that his client, was the leader of a carnival band, made up of a number of young persons from grand bay and environs, and was just trying to get the attention of carnival organizers, to provide the members of his band with some much needed water after a parade.


The attorney also said, his client was a law abiding citizen, who is heavily involved in developing local culture.


In reprimanding Mr. Liverpool, magistrate Candia George told him to think before he acts.


She referred to his behavior as disrespectful, which caused embarrassment to those affected.


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