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One man will have to wait some time, before his case can be heard as it has been adjourned, until May 21st 2012.


According to the details of the case, read by the clerk of the court, troy Samuel of Roseau robbed Brenda Guye, of a coral cell phone at great George street, Roseau on January 7th.


He was not required to plea, since the matter is indictable.


The police prosecutor, corporal innocent Toussaint objected to bail, saying the defendant committed the offence, while on bail for a previous similar matter of robbery and theft.


Mr. Toussaint also added that, the defendant also disregarded reporting to the police station to sign, which was one of the conditions of his bail.


However, attorney representing the defendant, Wayne Norde argued that, this case has been going on for over 3 years, and his client only missed a day or two signing throughout this entire period.


When magistrate Ossie Lewis asked the prosecutor, why the investigations have been going on so long in this case, the prosecutor said there are two other individuals charged in this matter, who only show up to court at times.


Magistrate Ossie Lewis then, advised the prosecutor to speed up the process and locate the other defendants, so the matter can be dealt with.

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