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Two single mothers got a second chance when they faced Roseau magistrate, Candia George at the Roseau magistrate’s court on Tuesday February 28th.

Lana sobers and Paulette sobers of layou, changed their previous pleas of not guilty to guilty, for the charges of selling fish without a license and selling fish in the open, while the Roseau market was open for business.

According to the facts of the case read by police prosecutor, inspector Claude weeks, on Friday October 14th 2011 at 8:30 am, a police officer met Paulette sobers on the lagoon bus stop in Roseau, with three pails of fish and a scale.

The officer then advised Ms. Sobers that it is illegal to sell fish outside of the Roseau market, and he transported her to the Roseau market.

Ms. Lana sobers was also met with four pails of fish, and when asked about her actions Ms. Sobers said that she is selling, she was then advised that, she has to do so at the market and not on the street, and she then left.

At 3:30 pm the same day, the officer met both Lana sobers and Paulette sobers in front of Whitchurch, with their scales selling fish.

When instructed by the officer to leave and go to the market to sell the fish, since it is illegal to do so on the street, the defendants refused to leave.

Back up was called in and the defendants were arrested, but were bailed the same day on their own reconnaissance.

Attorney at law Joshua Francis which represented the defendants, argued for a non custodial sentence stating these women are hard working, and are just trying to earn legitimate cash in this hard economic times.

Mr. Francis also said one is a mother of 7, while the other is a mother of 9, and do not receive any assistance from the father figures, so they are left to take care of 16 children all themselves.

The attorney also said, that the defendants have learned their lesson, and will be getting their licenses.

Before reprimanding the defendants on all charges, magistrate Candia George says, it is important that the public are aware of these laws so such incidents will be avoided.

Magistrate George also advised the defendants to do things the right way, and warned them not to do it again.

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