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Three siblings are on trial for their brother’s murder at the High Court of Justice.

Herbert Xavier, Manuela Williams and Lauretta Xavier of Soufriere are accused of killing 40-year-old construction worker Harrison Williams of that community.



The incident occurred on September 24th, 2010 where it is alleged that the deceased was beaten to death by the defendants during a dispute.


So far, the State has presented four witnesses in the matter. One of them was the wife of the deceased, Jacqueline Williams, who told the court that she had witnessed the murder.


However During cross examination, defense lawyer Dawn Yearwood Stewart suggested to Mrs. William that she had implicated her sister in the murder, because she had formed the opinion that her sister had used obeah to make her sick.


The doctor who pronounced the victim dead, Dr A. King also presented her testimony in the matter.

The Fourth witness, the deceased daughter, also testified in addition to Corporal Ashworth Gordon.


The trial began on Monday before Justice Brian Cottle, and A seven-woman and two-man jury is hearing the matter.


Director of Public Prosecution Gene Pestaina, Clement Joseph and Athlyn Nesty represents the prosecution while Yearwood-Stewart, Wayne Norde and Ronald Charles represents the defendants.

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