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One man can say he got a lucky break when he faced High Court Judge Bernie Stevenson Brookes, at the Roseau Magistrate’s Court on Monday March 12th.

Mr. Kenrick France of Kingshill who was charged with the theft of $24,850.00, worth of gold jewelry from Ms. Gena Paul from December 18th 2009 to February 17th 2010, which he pled guilty to, and could have faced a maximum sentence of 10 years for the offence.



Mr. France’s Attorney Mr. Peter Alleyne who pleaded for a non custodial sentence for his client, says that his client was under the influence of cocaine which lead him to commit the offence.



He also indicated that his client is very sorry for the offence, since he had developed a friendship with Ms. Paul as he worked on the construction of her home, and he also assisted the police in recovering most of the items.



Ms. Paul who was present in court requested an apology from the defendant which he did saying he is sorry for what he did, and he was under some stress which lead him to commit the offence at the time.


Before sentencing Mr. France, Justice Bernie Stevenson Brookes advised the defendant the he breached the trust of Ms. Paul since he had keys to her home, and he has previous convictions spanning over a number of years which she must consider in sentencing.



Mr. France was given a suspended sentence for 24 months, in which if he is found guilty of any offence during that period of time he will be sentenced to prison.


He was also fined $2000.00 to be paid in 6 months or in default sentenced to 6 months imprisonment, and to repay compensation of $8900.00, which is the total of the unrecovered gold items.


After the sentencing Justice Brookes advised Mr. France to get a job so he can work, work, work so he can repay all the fines to not have to go to prison.


The Judge also encouraged him to get back involved in the football coaching he did previously, so he can keep himself busy since idle hands are the devil’s playground.

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