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court.jpgMr. Wayne Prescott appeared before Magistrate Candia George on Tuesday April 10th, where he said that the meter got damaged while he attempted to kill a rat he had seen in the area, indicating to the court his cousin died of leptospirosis.


Mr. Prescott had initially told police that the $194.34 meter belonging to Mr. Tobias Lawrence, was damaged while he was practicing karate.


He stated and I quote “Officer Checko, is not my fault, a little Karate I was practicing and I almost fall,” end quote.


When Magistrate George questioned him as to his different versions of the incident, Mr. Prescott gave another excuse for the damage, saying he was working on medication so he was stretching his body.


The magistrate was confused by the many versions of Mr. Prescott’s story of the incident.


Before passing sentence Magistrate George said, she is not of the opinion that it is Mr. Prescott’s sickness that caused him to do this.

Mr. Prescott was ordered to pay compensation for the broken meter by April 30th 2012 or he will spend one month in prison.

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