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court.jpgAt about 6:35 pm on April 16th Mr. Francis walked into the 7-11 and placed 2 packs of Tasty Cheese worth $49. 28, one can of CLassico cornbeef worth $5.15 and one can of Bruinswick tuna worth $2.65 in a container.

He walked past the cashier out the door.

Later that day he went to Brizee’s Mart and was stopped by the security.

When searched the items were recovered in his pockets and the police called. He was subsequently arrested under suspicion of theft.

The defendant, who pleaded not guilty, is known to the police.

In mitigation he claimed to have committed the crime as he had just started working and could not yet provide for his child.

Magistrate Candia George told Mr. Francis that he had been coming to court since 1994 and that he should try to turn his life around.

He was sentenced to 2 months in prison and advised to use the time to reflect.

The magistrate cautioned him that as a father he should aspire to provide for his children and not be in and out of prison.

The recovered items were to be restituted to the supermarket.

In yet another case of theft, Shayne Edwards of Steeber Street Pottersville stole one bottle of activia from the Save-a-Lot Supermarket on April 16th.

The defendant was seen walking and looking around the store by the security guard. The guard saw him pick up an item and slip it into his pocket.

He then commenced to walk towards the exit, however he was intercepted by the security guard.

When stopped he handed over the dairy drink worth about $5.

The police was called and he was arrested on the charge of theft.

In police custody he apologized saying that he was sorry for doing such nonsense and that he will not do it again.

Magistrate Candia George firmly remonstrated him.

She asked him if this was the path of life he chose or was it that he enjoyed going in and out of prison.

In mitigation he asked the magistrate to be lenient, saying that he would not mind doing a little community work.

He was sentenced to one month imprisonment.

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