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court.jpgOne young man will learn to keep his hands to himself after appearing before magistrate candia george on a charge of theft.


Allington moses of virgin lane pleaded guilty to the theft of $400 from his neighbor on may 1st.

The complainant left her house on february 13th for roseau and left her young daughters in the house.


Allington who lives nearby visited her house and asked the girls for some vaseline and spent some time in the house.


Upon returning to her home, the complainant discovered $400 missing from a bag in her room. She then called the police who investigated the matter.


When approached by the police allington told the officers that he intended repay the complainant at month end.

In mitigation he apologized to his neighbor for his actions.


Magistrate candia george told him that he had breached the trust placed in him by his neighbors who would allow him into their living space.


She advised him to ensure that such happenings would not happen again as he would not want to tarnish his reputation at so tender an age.

He was sentenced to pay compensation of $400 forthwith and was fined $500 to be paid by may 31st or spend 2 months in prison.


In more court news,

One woman will learn to respect others space as 70 year old lucy liverpool appeared before magistrate evelina baptiste on a charge of violation of protection order.


On april 24th, miss liverpool entered the premises of the virtual complainant, who dwells in geneva grandbay and proceeded to ‘annoy’ her.


Liverpool pleaded not guilty to the charges and added that she had nothing more to say on the matter.

The trial is set for the 24th of september at the grandbay magistrates court and miss liverpool was already on bail therefore bail is continued at the sum of $6,000.


However, it is to be varied by adding that the defendant is not to interfere under any circumstances with the virtual complainant.


If any of these conditions are breached bail will be withdrawn.

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