Man fined $ 2000 and warned to stay away from alcohol…

One man, who pleaded guilty to charges of assault, escaping legal custody and threats at the Roseau Magistrate Court on July 20th 2010, was slapped with a $2000 fine by Magistrate Candia George.

The defendant was fined $1000 each for threats and escaping custody while he was given no separate penalty for the assault charge.

Magistrate George advised the defendant to refrain from using alcohol as it was the main contributor leading to the charges.  He will serve a total of 6 months in prison if the fines are not paid by October 31st, 2010. 

Three ‘youngsters’ were also charged for misconduct and wounding following an altercation on July 18th 2010 in Scotts Head. 

Vince Nicholas, Sole Etienne and Miguel Corbette pleaded not guilty to all charges brought against them. 

While the three defendants were jointly charged for disorderly conduct, Miguel Corbette and Sole Etienne were jointly charged for wounding while Vince Nicholas was charged separately for throwing missiles.  

The preliminary inquiry into their matter is set for October 15th, 2010




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