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court.jpgThe Public Prosecution Objected To The Bail On The Grounds That, One Person Allegedly Involved In The Crimes Is Still At Large, As Well As Firearms That Were Thought To Be Used During The Burglary And Robbery.

The Prosecutor Also Stated That, If The Men Were Released On Bail They Will Interfere With The Investigations Which Are Currently Ongoing.

In Addition, The Victim, A Foreigner In Our Country Is Fearful For Her Life, As The Perpetrators Threatened To Kill Her If She Contacted The Police.

Counsel For The Defendants, Joshua Francis Argued The Charges Saying That, The Two Should Be Dealt With As One.

He Went On To Say That, His Clients Were Held In Detention Beyond The Allotted 72 Hours, And Was Not Satisfied With The Prosecutions Reasons For Objection.

Magistrate Candia George Said That, It Is Of Uttermost Concern That Firearms Were Used, And Alluded To The Issue Of The Use Of Illegal Firearms In Dominica.

Bail Was There For Denied And The Case Is Adjourned Till August 24th At The Wesley Magistrate’s Court.

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