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In court news this evening, a 21 year old man from Yampiece has been charged with four offenses, battery, malicious damage, possession of an offensive weapon and wounding. Charles Cadette was taken into police custody moments after he had an altercation with a couple in Yampiece on Friday July 23rd 2010. Cadette, who pleaded guilty to all four charges at the Roseau Magistrate Court on Thursday July 28th expressed remorse and said that his actions was a form of self defense. He was fined $1200 for wounding or six months imprisonment, suspended for 12 months. In addition he was fined $500 for possession of an offensive weapon to be paid by January 31st 2011 or in default 3 months imprisonment. He received no separate penalty for battery and malicious damage. Davina, the accused was also fined $800 for provoking cadette.


“I agree I did it and I take my wrong,” said 28 year old, Eddie Langlais of Grand Fond as he was placed on trial at the Roseau Magistrate Court on Thursday, July 28th 2010 on a theft charge. In his possession he had property belonging to Michael Nelson that amounted to $1095.20.  Apparently Mr Langlais has been a patient of the Psychiatric Unit at the Princess Margaret Hospital and as a result the matter was adjourned for august 12th 2010.


In more court news, 20 year old Jovin Williams of Goodwill was fined $600, after pleading guilty to possession of an offensive weapon on June 16th. prior to his arrest, Williams gave the investigating officer a steady workout on the streets of Goodwill during a police chase. In defense, he told the court that he keeps the cutlass as a form of protection as has been encountering problems with residents in the Goodwill area for quite some time now. If his fine is not paid by February 28th 2011 he will serve five months in prison.


And finally, one resident from the Gutter Village pleaded guilty to charges of possession of cannabis and possession of cannabis with intent to supply on Thursday July 30th at the Roseau Magistrate Court. Oliver Bedminister, 20, said that his reason for having 50 grams of cannabis in his possession was due to his medical condition. Although Magistrate Evelina Baptiste took into consideration his clean records coupled with his apology, she still did not buy his excuse.  He was fined $850 to be paid by September 30th 2010 or in default six months imprisonment for possession and $1000 due by October 30th 2010 or seven months imprisonment for the other charge.

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