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One man of Shop Lane Goodwill, 29, pleaded guilty to five offenses, assault, intimidation, possession of an offensive weapon, and two counts of threats earlier today, August 9th at the Roseau Magistrate’s Court. In his defense, Mr Jason Samuel said that he was intoxicated hence the reason for his action and apologized for his behavior. Magistrate Evelina Baptiste said, “Being drunk is no excuse,” as she slapped Samuel with a $750 fine or in default 6 months imprisonment for possession of an offensive weapon, for assault a fine of $400 or 2 months in prison, $600 or in default 4 months in prison for threats against Mr Brian Tate and $500 or 3 months imprisonment for threats against a police officer. He received no separate charge for intimidation, while all 5 charges are suspended for 18 months.


In more court news, Morris Graham of Goodwill, 45, pleaded guilty to theft of agricultural produce after stealing a bag of avocado pears valued at $300 at the Roseau Magistrate Court earlier today. The matter was adjourned for the October 15th 2010 and bail was denied to Graham but will be reviewed at a later date.


Finally, a 40 year old man who is being charged with indecent assault and incest appeared before the Roseau Magistrate Court earlier today. Magistrate Evelina Baptiste cautioned the 40 year old man to refrain from committing any other offences while on his $25,000 bail. He was also ordered to report to the police station every Mondays between the hours of 7am and 7pm. His trial has been set for November 9th 2010.

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