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‘it’s a sad day when a security needs a security’ said magistrate candia george to george landy baron who was charged with theft.


Baron worked as a security guard at max mart supermarket and filling station and was charged with the theft of $1912.08.

Police received information about the theft on february 16th and went down to the max mart where they met the accused sitting on a chair.


Mr. Baron said that he took the money about 11:45 pm just before the gas station closed and was taken into custody.


The defendant pleaded guilty to the charge of theft and was ordered to pay compensation of $1712.08 by march 16th or serve three months in prison and $200 to be restituted to max mart.


In addition he was fined $1500 to be paid by june 30 or serve 3 months imprisonment.

One man will learn to keep his groceries in his shopping basket and not in his pocket as he was charged with stealing a pack of nuts and raisins at save-a-lot on february 15th.

Arthurton davis was seen by the security guard putting the item into his pocket and stopped him when he was exiting.


A report was made and he was taken into custody.


In mitigation he said that while doing his shopping he slipped the packet into his pocket and it slipped his mind when he was cashing.


Magistrate candia george warned him to use a shopping basket or cart and to pay for items before putting them in his pocket.


He was sentenced to one moth in jail.

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