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court3.jpgBernernado Rodriguez who was charged with invalid license in relation to the Dominica Tourism Tour Guide Association, case was remanded until April 5th 2013.

Mr. Rodriguez was also charged for allegedly providing the wrong address. He pleaded guilty for the charge of invalid license and not guilty for the charge of allegedly providing a false address.

Mr. Rodriguez is a Spanish Citizen who has been living in Dominica for a period of time. It was stated that his work permit had expired. Therefore, he was supposed to return to his country at the end of April 2013 when the tourist season came to an end.

His case was adjourned until to April 2013.

In more court news,

Donaldson Popcone’s bail is now open after previously being charged with arson.

His brother Danas Popcone appeared at court today as Surety, with a document from the Tete Morne Village Coucil, indicating that Donaldson supposedly owned a portion of land.

However, Magistrate Candia George said the document would not suffice.

The first reason being, Danas Popcone, the defendant’s brother, has not completed the payment for the land therefore, the document could not have been accepted.

Secondly, a title needs to be attached to the document from the Carib Territory or Treasury.

She added, same reason this document is not acceptable for the banks of Dominica; it is not acceptable for the Court.

He is remanded until a property surety is provided.

Bail is open in the sum of $20,000 because Mr. Popcone committed an indictable offense.

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