Creole Arts and Craft Exposition

Chief Cultural Officer, Mr. Raymond Lawrence

Creole wear, arts and crafts and paintings, were all available at the Old Mill Cultural Center on October Tuesday 16th, as a Creole arts and Crafts exposition took place.

Chief Cultural Officer Mr. Raymond Lawrence says, the exposition is a significant part of our Independence celebrations this year.

Mr. Lawrence stated that reason for the exposition being held in the morning is to hopefully capture a few students.

He added that the exposition will be held for two weeks therefore, those who did not get a chance to partake in this event, have another opportunity.

Cultural Officer says this is a viewing of “cultural expressions” and annual exhibitions to start of our independence celebrations.

He says the work on display features well known artist in our Country.

The Officer believes that this not only an exciting exhibition, but it is also educative.

He is urging the public to come to the Old Mill Center, not only to view the lovely products on display, but to learn more about our culture, heritage and our people.

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