Creole Bod Le Mere

Both the old and the young turned out in large numbers at the Bay Front straight after the 2nd day of WCMF for “Creole Bod Le Mere”.

Foreigners as well as locals danced, ate, drank and really enjoyed themselves.

From the Post Office to the Royal Bank was swamped with individuals enjoying themselves.

Bayfront: Creole Bod Le Mere

WCK certainly rocked the crowd with their performance and the public seemed like they could not get enough.

Lead singers of the band who goes by the names of “Delly” “Nayee” were both filled with energy and delivered a great performance.

The vendors prepared various types of food that sold out due to the amount of people that participated in the event.

Foods such as soups, fried and baked chicken, fish, and corn amongst others were available.

The crowd became further hyperactive as Creole Bod Le Mere came to an end.

Individuals claimed that this was by far the best since the event began and they hope it will be the same next year.


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