Creole in the Park to boost Dominica’s tourism sector

“The Independence Celebrations and all its events tend to increase the amount of stay-over visitors on the island,” said Mr Collin Piper, CEO of Discover Dominica Authority (DDA) as he addressed the official launching ceremony of Lime’s Dominica Ltd 8th Annual Creole in the park on September 30th 2010. According to him, Creole in the Park and the World Creole Music Festival contribute greatly towards Dominica’s tourism sector.


“We have started with three nights of pulsating rhythms and now the addition of Dominica’s largest day time event, Creole in the Park. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to promote Dominica for the entire month of October?” said Mr Colin Piper.


Chief Cultural Officer, Mr Raymond Lawrence also believes that Dominica’s largest day time event, Creole in the Park, plays a vital role in the promotion of Dominica’s culture as it seeks to expose the beauty and richness of the island’s culture.


He said, “Lime has truly demonstrated that they support the independence celebrations especially through the Creole in the park. This shows that private sectors can contribute to Dominica’s cultural development.”


Mr. Lawrence called on the youth to engage themselves in positive activities especially those marking the 32nd Independence Celebrations.


 “I always feel that if we provide more opportunities for the youth, they will be less involved in the negative activities,” said Mr Lawrence

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