Creole Lessons for Primary School Students

Library Technician as well as organizer of the event, Mr. Cecil Ferdinand

Primary school students are really taking a keen interest in this year’s independence season.

Students from primary schools such as the “Pioneer Prep” met at the Roseau Public Library on Friday October 19th to learn creole.

Library Technician as well as organizer of the event Mr. Cecil Ferdinand says this in an opportunity for the children to learn Creole.

He said this will benefit them because they will know the history of the language therefore, on Creole Day, they will have the confidence to speak the language.

In terms of preparations, he says they selected children from various schools, mainly out of Roseau.

Mr. Ferdinand says he chose Felix Henderson to tutor the students because, he believes his teaching techniques will keep the children interested.

He says he is satisfied with the children participation and they seemed to be having fun as well as learning.

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