Creole Symposium and Exposition to be Hosted as part of Independence Activities


Mr. Gregory Rabess, Symposium Coordinator

Dominica will host a Creole Symposium and Exposition from October 22nd to 24th, to mark the 30th anniversary of International Creole Day.

This is being conducted by the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry for Culture, Youth and Sports.

Honourable Ian Douglas, Minister of Tourism, said his ministry became involved and took the lead in this initiative, as one of their primary focus is and has always been bringing more people into the destination.

“This is why we continue the staging of the World Creole Music Festival. It is in an effort to promote the Island generally,” he stated.

He also noted that the main reason for hosting the World Creole Music Festival, is to showcase our Creole culture and heritage.

Mr. Douglas believes, that our creole period on a whole, needs to be highlighted a lot more.

The Creole Symposium commences from 9am, at the Arawak House of Culture, and the Creole Exposition will take place from 12pm, at the Botanic Gardens, forming part of the annual “Creole In The Park” activities.

The Minister informed us, that this initiative will assemble cultural business persons and others from the Creole speaking community of nations including St. Lucia and Haiti, to strengthen our own Creole activities here in Dominica.


Honourable Ian Douglas, Minister of Tourism

Mr. Gregory Rabess, Symposium Coordinator, says Dominica has a very significant role to play in the establishment of International Creole Day.

The events will feature presentations from regional representatives and a final declaration will be issued to capture all the activities emerging from day 1, 2 and 3 of the event.

The symposium and exposition is free of charge.


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