Cricket Fans and Visitors Treated to Cultural Experience

Visitors and locals alike were treated to local musical performances every night of the week of April 27th at the Cricket Dwivay Bod La Mer.

The Bod La Mer, so that visitors coming to the island for the cricket matches held during the day, would have a taste of Dominican culture at night.

Mayor of Roseau, His Worship Cecil Joseph supported the Bod La Mer, as he says it presented cricket fans and Dominicans the opportunity to enjoy different cultures of music.

The five nights of Bod La Mer presented a different flavor of music every night that featured Jazz, Reggae, Cultural music, Steel Pan and Bouyon and was organized by Miss Evadney St.Ville.

Mr. Joseph commended the organizer for taking advantage of the opportunity created by the increase in visitors as a result of the cricket game while adding to the Dominican experience for tourism.

Visitors to the Bord La Mer, named it a success as many a patron turned up for local cuisine, music and socializing.

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