Crime Stoppers Dominica Officially Launched


An Organization more than a year in the making, was officially launched in Dominica on Wednesday May 15th 2013.

Crime Stoppers Dominica (CSD), as described by its Director Ms. Marie-Antoinette Mora, is not about its Directors, but strong cooperation between the media, business community, the public and law enforcement, working hand in hand to stop crime.

Ms. Mora noted, the first Crime Stoppers Foundation was formed 37 years ago, and currently there are over 1200 Crime Stoppers Organizations worldwide.

Executive Director of Crime Stoppers Dominica (CSD), Ms. Genevieve Astaphan stated, the donations from the private sector is very important to the survival of this new Organization.

Ms. Astaphan says, CSD provides us with an anonymous and safe avenue, where public can provide vital information to the police, without ever having to identify themselves.

All they are interested in is the information one has on crimes that occurred or will occur in the future, so action can be taken.

Anyone who provides information that leads to an arrest will be rewarded in cash ranging from $100 to $1000.

Once the information is received, it is submitted to the Police Department, who will then act on that tip, which CSD will later follow up to verify if action was taken.

Chief of the Commonwealth of Dominica Police Force, Daniel Carbon, commended the persons involved in making this Organization materialize which is important in fighting the evils of criminal activity.

Members of the Head Table at the Crime Stoppers Dominica Launch

Members of the Head Table at the Crime Stoppers Dominica Launch

Now that Crime Stoppers is here, I hope no one will use the excuse of not being able to disseminate information without being exposed, said Mr. Carbon.

“I want all Dominicans to bring forward any information they have as it relates to criminal activity,” said Mr. Carbon.

Regional Director of Crime Stoppers International, Mr. Devrol Dupigny, said the community is where information on crime, criminals, and criminal activity resides, and as such the programme is managed by members of the community who form the volunteer Board of Directors.

Over a 37 year history Crime Stoppers has become a highly effective mechanism as statics will attest to.

He said, 4328 persons have been arrested and charged, 21000 cases have been cleared while US 72 million dollars’ worth of drugs have been seized as a result of Crime Stoppers to state a few statistics.

The number for Crime Stoppers Dominica is 1-800-8477.

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