Crime Stoppers presentation

crime-stoppers.jpgCrime Stoppers International is looking forward to working with Dominicans as well as establishing a Crime Stoppers Programme in Dominica.


Crime Stoppers is a community based, no profit organization managed by a civilian volunteer Board of Directors.


It has a universally recognizable mechanism that allows for anonymous reporting of criminal activity and constant patrolling of communities by everyone who lives there.


Through Crime Stoppers, communities are made aware of the types of crimes being committed, so they can better protect themselves and be more alert as it regards crime.


Since its inception, Crime Stoppers have established over 1200 organizations in many countries around the world.


Founding Director of Crime Stoppers Mr. Devol Dupigny says, Crime Stoppers is designed to engage citizen interest and participation by incorporating elements of, anonymity, security and reward.


It breaks down the barriers created by fear and apathy allowing citizens the opportunity to anonymously interact with the Police whilst empowering citizens to regain control over their neighborhoods, communities and their lives.


In addition, he says the main role of the police is to investigate the tips received by the programme, quickly and efficiently, providing feedback to the coordinator on the status of cases, and to request more information when necessary.


He says it is the responsibility of the Crime Stoppers’ Police Coordinator to disseminate all the information collected by the Unit to the relevant Heads of Police Stations and investigating officers.

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