Crime Stoppers Supported By National Security Minister

Following the launch of Crime Stoppers Dominica on Wednesday May 15th, National Security Minister, Honourable Charles Savarin, is commending the Private Sector Organizations who worked on making this initiative possible.

The Minister who supports the programme, said this initiative represents a significant milestone, in crime fighting efforts in Dominica. This is based on the models applied around the world, offering anonymity and rewards to encourage participation.

Mr. Savarin says, the effects of crime on society can be outlined in many ways, but generally includes trauma, emotional and psychological effects on the victims, their families, loved ones and friends.

It also results in the loss of income, business, property, sense of security and trust in society and its Institutions.

Mr. Savarin noted, criminals are like every other human being you see daily at work  or in the park watching cricket or football, or shop in the same stores as us.

He said the Ministry of National Security, has in the past promoted the idea that crime resolution is the community’s responsibility predicated on intelligence obtained, through the cooperation of the average citizen.

“The complexity of crime today is so high that even developed nations and Governments struggle to limit its occurrence,” the Minister stated.

He added that, “The level of sophistication being used by the criminal elements are sometimes far superior to the facilities available to law enforcement agencies”.

Robust crime fighting encompasses an adequate legal framework, a competent and efficient judiciary, a well-equipped law enforcement agency, both with the requisite skills and appropriate technology, said Mr. Savarin.

Correctional facilities that provide opportunities for rehabilitation of criminals and criminal elements are also necessary, he stated.

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