Crowd Control is a Serious Problem Says Senior Fire Officer


Crowd Control – A serious problem

According to Acting Fire Department Public Relations Officer, Mr. Wayne Letang, crowd control is a serious problem, which can mean the difference between life and death.

This statement came after many curious onlookers, gathered on the scene of a fire in the capital City, on Wednesday July 31st, all busy to catch a glimpse of the injured or the incident scene.

The fire completely destroyed a barbershop and caused serious damage to a nearby building.

Mr. Letang said because of the large crowd that had gathered at the scene, it was difficult to gain quick access to the nearest fire hydrants for water.

Even when faced with such situations time is of the essence, so there is never any time to argue with the crowd.

He said, the public needs to know that they need help as well, so curious onlookers should be mindful of their presence on the scene of any incident and should be in a mindset to assist, not to obstruct.


Crowd Control – A serious problem

Mr. Letang noted that one can never be fully prepared to take on a fire; therefore the fire fighters are constantly involved in training exercises.

The fire officers have to make use of the basic equipment available; however there is always need for more new and advanced equipment.

I would be happy if one day going to a fire or responding to an accident scene, that a civilian would engage in crowd control, so that firemen can effectively carry out their duties, Mr. Letang explained.


According to Acting Fire Department Public Relations Officer, Mr. Wayne Letang

For their own safety, the public can and should keep in safe distance at all times, especially before a scene has been declared secure to enter, by the firemen.

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