Cultural Division Facilitates Drum- Makers throughout Dominica


Cultural Division Facilitates Drum- Makers throughout Dominica

Gregory Rabess, Creolist and Cultural Activist, has informed SAT News that the Cultural Division has organized a workshop dubbed for “drum-makers” throughout the Island.

Mr. Patrick Solvay, a tutor from Guadeloupe, conducted the workshop.

This workshop, is directed towards the more experienced drum-makers throughout Dominica, and is aimed towards the improvement of their techniques.

Often times, our local artists are not given enough credit and it is hoped, that this workshop will expose their skills and talents.


Gregory Rabess, Creolist and Cultural Activist

“In order to expose drum playing into schools Island-wide, we need to have drums- hence the need for this workshop,” Mr. Rabess stated.

Grandbay Resident, Thomas Defoe, said this was a great experience for him, because although he knew how to do certain things like mounting of the drums, he learnt additional techniques.

Another Patrticipant, Emelda Aaron, who is also the leader of Portsmouth Cultural Group, is thrilled that she participated in this workshop, because she can now bring back what she learnt to her cultural group.


Grandbay Resident, Thomas Defoe

According to the participants, they have learnt a lot of beneficial techniques throughout the workshop and commend the Cultural Division for this initiative.

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