Cultural Division Holds Lecture on Dominican Heritage Sites

Boiling Lake

As part of Dominica History Week a Lecture on Dominica’s Historical Sites was given at the Arawak House of Culture on Tuesday October 9th.

The aim of History Week is to create a greater awareness of Dominica’s heritage, especially among the school children.

Featured Speaker at the Lecture, Dr. Lennox Honeychurch, is an

author and historian.

He has made a great contribution to Dominica in researching, writing and producing several historical publications including the Dominica Story.

Dr. Lennox Honeychurch says the heritage of nature is the first and most important thing that we should consider.

In nature one of our most significant sites is the boiling lake.

Dr. Honeychurch says this is representative of our formation and tells how Dominica was formed, and how today there is still bubbling springs beneath our mountains.

An example of mythic geography in Dominica is L’escalier Tete Chien at Sineku.

In Scientific life it is actually volcanic formation called a dyke.

One of our main sites is the Indian River.

Dr. Honeychurch has been asking for this river to be protected by law because it is a very important heritage site.

Over sixty sites have been found where people lived before Christopher Columbus sighted Dominica in 1943.

The lecture entertained students from the Convent High School, Dominica Grammar School, Portsmouth Secondary School, Wesley High School and a few others.


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