Cultural Division Says 34th Independence Celebrations a Success

Cultural Presentation

According to the Chief Cultural Officer the 34th Independence Celebrations has been a great success.

Speaking at an interview with SAT TV News, the Chief Cultural Officer, Mr. Raymond Lawrence says that the success of this year’s celebrations is all due to the collective effort of the Dominican people.

This year’s involvement by the cultural groups and schools has been tremendous and he believes that this was due to how seriously everyone played their respective roles.

Mr. Lawrence commends the cultural groups, schools and especially the young people for their involvement in this year’s celebrations.

Over the past years there has been an increase in the enthusiasm that young people have for culture and heritage.

The Chief Cultural Officer believes that this has a lot to with the schools in which they were brought up, their surroundings and how they see the elderly exude passion for Dominican culture.

Moving forward, Mr. Lawrence wants Dominicans to continue to focus on Dominican heritage and culture.

He says there are many other times in the year when there are occasion to have other festivals, but the Independence celebrations should be kept spotless.

He says this will give Dominicans a real understanding of culture and make them be proud to be called just that.

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