Curacao Has a New Government

Curacao Has A New Government

Three political parties in Curacao, Pueblo Soberano, MFK and MAN, have indicated a willingness to form a new coalition government, just as they have in recent years, and have signed an agreement to this effect.

This commitment was made following last Friday’s elections, where candidate ministers now ready to be screened, to see which of these candidate ministers will pass and form part of the government.

It is also proposed to appoint former Prime Minister Gerrit Schotte as president of Parliament.

The Netherlands Kingdom Relations minister, Liesbeth Spies, said she finds it too far to conclude that the elections in Curacao proved that the population wants independence from the Netherlands.

The demand for independence was in itself not a dominant theme in the election campaign, however, the political party Pueblo Soberano, which is fighting for an independent Curacao, ended up as the largest party in last week’s polls.



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